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Physical Therapists in Colorado (CO)

Physical Therapist, PT, MSPT
"I am the sole provider and owner at Aspire Physical Therapy. I spend quality one-on-one non-rushed treatment time with every client at every session. I am an exercise enthusiast and keep a keen eye out for exercise being done with proper form. In my experience most pain can be linked to a structural or postural abnormality. I provide blend of functional movement assessment, musculoskeletal assessment, hands-on manual therapy, core stabilization exercise on Pilates Reformer, postural education, home exercise prescription. Quality care and patient progression is my business."
"At Denver Pain and Performance Solutions, we use a number of advanced techniques to eliminate pain, improve performance, and restore healthy movement. At the heart of our mission is a profound desire to resolve your pain and restore your quality of life in as few visits as possible. Our integrated therapy sessions are like nothing you have ever experienced. We work with all ages and have special experience with sports performance enhancement, pain and injury resolution, gait and movement analysis, scar tissue therapy, pediatrics, and pelvic floor dysfunction."