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Physical Therapists in North Carolina (NC)

Physical Therapist, PT, IMTC, LMBT
"Concussion & PTSD training. I have been practicing Physical Therapy for 44 years in hospital & outpatient settings. Among conditions I have treated during that time are: acute & chronic muscle, fascial & spinal disorders; coronary & lung conditions; neurological & toxicity problems; and women's health issues. For the last 20 of those years I have specialized in Integrative Manual Therapy(IMT). As an Integrative Manual Therapist I use my hands to diagnose & treat patients, by feeling & working with the body's rhythms & movements. While traditional medicine tends to focus on symptoms, IMT focuses on the cause. IMT is a gentle, yet profound, hands on approach to better health."
Raleigh, North Carolina 27615
(919) 886-4973
"People with complex musculo-skeletal issues, repeated episodes of pain and dysfunction, multiple joint involvements and spinal changes may at last find relief with the revolutionary techniques of Postural Restoration. Adolescents with scoliosis who have been told to 'wait and see' can greatly benefit from early intervention with 3dimensional, asymmetrical personalized exercises. We address respiratory and ribcage dysfunctions, often overlooked. We understand core strength to include good alignment and balanced muscle function of the trunk, ribcage and hips as well as abdominals. Peripheral joint problems often result from core imbalance and weakness. Working on these underlying biomechanical issues speeds recovery."
"I am happy to treat patients across the lifespan, from infants to elderly adults. I work with patients who have congenital conditions, athletic or work related injuries, generalized weakness or recent surgical procedures."